Top Quality − Fast Build Catamarans

All KonaCats are built using 100% composite materials. No wood, aluminum or steel is used in these catamarans.

  • Impervious to corrosion or rot
  • 20% lighter than aluminum
  • Construction cost 66% the cost of aluminum
  • Quick build, most KonaCats built within 6 months


Affordable Performance & Reliability

Whatever your application, you need a vessel that delivers the performance you desire, the reliability you need, at a cost you can afford. Kona Catamaran has partnered with one of the world′s leading naval architects, Nick Boksa of Boksa Marine Design to create a design to meet even the most unique and demanding requirements. Our quick-build system helps ensure that the vessel is ready when you need it. Most projects are completed in less than 6 months. Catamarans larger than 60 feet are completed within one year.


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